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What does "data" exclude?

Please tell us what is not included in this statement:
"Does the app provide easy access to relevant content with an emphasis on hyper-local data from cities, counties, townships, Tribes, and states?"
Our partnership with GroupServer.org (GPL open source) and our Inclusive Social Media initiative specifically targetted to lower income, high immigrant, rural and urban tribal populations, and communities of color check off all the contest criteria.
Extensive information flows from various governments into a community space online where people act on that information be it passing it on, organizing meetings, etc.
Our "data" comes from local elected officials and participants themselves gathering the information from government websites and pass it along in a personalized way.
Since 99% of local governments provide no open data sets (sans a few major cities) as envisioned by this contest and the goal is to find apps that provide special value to hardest to reach communities rather than just suggesting that something for all marketed to but not really used by such communities is OK.
So, if our highly relevant hyper-local content comes from people (both in government and in general) and websites (government, media, cultural groups), but not "automated" from datasets AND is actually used in a tribal community in Northern Minnesota, a majority low income, immigrant East African neighborhood, etc. are we excluded from consideration?


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    Hey FCC, it shouldn't take a month to answer these questions about the competition.
    Please advise.

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    Hi Steven,
    Other questions about data eligibility have come up elsewhere in this forum here and here.
    If those answers don't quite hit what you're looking for, would you mind clarifying your question a bit? 
    Data that is freely accessible and available without license, copyright, usage, or procurement fee is considered publicly available in these circumstances. As long as your data meet those standards, you should be good.
    DM -- FCC

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