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Open Source Clarification/Question

The rules state:
"Apps must be made available under an OSI Approved open source license."
I interpret this as the end result must be made available for download and modification/extension/porting etc. 
I do not interpret this as the application itself must be built using a technology available under an OSI Approved license.
Please let me know if I am correct, as I would not want to be disqualified for not using a completely open source platform to actually build the app. I am however willing to license the final code under open source (although the underlying technology used to write the app/program is not open source).

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  • Manager   •   almost 11 years ago

    Could the contest sponsors clarify what having the application conform to one of the OSI’s opensource licenses means? 
    A: The OSI license is the standard license for code that is released to be open source, or available for use by other developers in certain scenarios and with certain restrictions. To learn more, visit: http://www.opensource.org/licenses/index.htmlDoes this mean that the source code is going to be posted for download? If so, then this seems to jeopardize the assurances that "intellectual property" will remain with the developers - which is a big concern if commercial viability will be maintained. A: depending on the OSI license, the source code of the applications would be made available according to the the terms of that license. Apps for Communities will comply with those terms when making the winning app available to the public. What is the standard of "publically accessible" data? A: Data that is freely accessible and available without license, copyright, usage, or procurement fee is considered publically available in these circumstances.

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