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Site updates

The website and app I submitted are live apps. I have been holding off on any updates during the month of october for the judging period. Is it ok to update the website/app on Nov 1st, 2011?


  • Manager   •   over 10 years ago

    How long would the update process take? How will this update modify your current entry? The judging period is still underway and you shouldn't modify any portion of your entry until the Apps for Communities challenge winners are announced. You do not want to compromise the integrity of your entry, nor have any portion of your site be inoperable while your app is still being reviewed.

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    I don't plan to update it during the judging period. Your site says the judging period ends Oct 31, 2011. I just want to confirm that, so, I can update it on Nov 1st. If not, do you have a date when the judging period ends? - so, I can plan acccordingly.

    It is minor updates to look and feel for the web pages for the phone app. Minor bug fixes for the Android app. And, HTML5 location sharing request added to the web site. It doesn't change what the site does.

    The update only takes a few minutes. I usually do it at night when there is less traffic.

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    Got your message on twitter about extending the judging period to 11/14. I'll wait till 11/15 to upgrade the website and app. Thanks for the info.

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