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Safe to update website?

Now that the judging is done, is it safe for us to go back and update the website we submitted for the contest?  We want to move forward with our app but have been holding off on touching things so we didn't jeopardize our entry until judging was complete.
Should we hold off until winners are announced?  Or is it safe to make changes?
The same question applies to our project repository as well.  We haven't made or commited changes to our repo since entering last month for the same reason.  Got some changes burning a hole on our local computers...

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  • Manager   •   over 10 years ago

    You should not modify any portion of your entry until the Apps for Communities challenge winners are announced. You do not want to compromise the integrity of your entry, nor have any portion of your site be inoperable until the contest is completely over. Details on winner announcements will be posted soon.

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