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Call to Judges - Please Announce the Winners!

Everyone who participated in this challenge has been waiting for a week to hear who the winners of the competition are. Not only has there "not" been a date entered for when the winners will be announced; but the same messages are being tweeted and posted on FB providing no reliable expectation other than "a couple of weeks". Please be considerate and announce the winners; or at least provide the expected date the winners will be announced.

Thank you!

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    The latest tweet from Community Apps said that winners will be announced in "early December". It would be more considerate to actually post a date when the announcement will be made in December, and to provide an explanation for the delay.

    The Apps for Entrepreneurs moderator was very honest and considerate to the challenge participants and supporters in his communications. A date was set of December 5th for the winners to be announced; and in a recent discussion, he actually stated, "The practical reality is that the judges will probably not review anything before Thanksgiving."

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