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over 10 years ago

The Buzz About Our Challenge on Awesome Blogs

We have now received over 50 entries to the Apps for Communities Challenge. Thank you for your help and support!  Recently, we sent out a call to bloggers to write about our challenge and they responded.

Can you write a blog post about the challenge? Let us know if you do and we may be able to help send traffic to your site. There is less than one week left to enter the Apps for Communities Challenge, get involved and develop an app to help improve your community or spread the word to others that may be interested in supporting the cause!

Craigslist, Idealist, and SourceForge are some of the outlets using social media to publish posts on Apps for Communities. We welcome posts by the community to let more developers know about the challenge. The deadline is only 5 days away. Who'd like to win the prizes?  Check out our blog coverage below:

Apps for Communities Deadline Approaching
By Abhi Nemani Director of Strategy and Communications: amateur mini-golfer and poor man's hacker. maker of things. currently coding for America.

Last Call for Apps for Community + Most Awesome Judges
GovLoop is a social network for government.

They began the post with: Very cool...just got this info.  And have to say - best set of judges I've seen on apps contest (Andreeson, Feld, Booker - dope! (plus other folks are sweet too)

Just Two Weeks Left in the Apps for Communities Contest
By: Damian Thorman, J.D National Program Director at Knight Foundation            
Knight Foundation published this post and is partnering with FCC for the challenge.  

FCC App for Communities Contest
By: Debra Ruh, CMO, SSBBART Group
This post highlight “...watching the FCC step up to the plate with accessibility… They have worked with many leads in the community and really appear to be embracing accessibility."

Girls in Tech is Honored to Support the Federal Communications Commission in its "Apps for Communities" Challenge                 
Shared guest post authored by the FCC.                                                                                             

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